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Sit-harness Canyoning » Mascun Comfort
Sit-harness Canyoning » Mascun Comfort

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Description of this sit-harness:

Sit-harness for canyoning. Totally adjustable. Upper sheathed tie-in point. Waist band and thigh loop closure by steel ladder lock buckles.

Removable protection in PVC canvas for thighs and buttocks (ref. AVCA46 Spankprotect).

A sheathed gear loop and a mobile gear loop.

A very high abrasion resistant strap, with special weaving.

One colour per size.

Aventure Verticale guarantee: 3 years.


CE, EN 12277 Type C

Note about this equipment:

For easier PPE monitoring, each personal protective equipment has an individual number on the year of manfacture label.

Sizes available for this sit-harness:

  • 01 XS-M: maxi waist 75 cm and thighs from 40 to 55 cm (yellow strap)
  • 02 M-L: maxi waist 100 cm and thighs from 40 to 70 cm (blue strap)
  • 03 XL: maxi waist 125 cm and thighs from 40 to 85 cm (mauve strap)

Weight of this sit-harness:

720 g (in M-L size)


  • Black, Grey & Yellow
  • Black, Grey & Blue
  • Black, Grey & Mauve

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