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Complete harness Caving » Krubera

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Description of this complete harness:

The Krubera is the most recent harness designed by AV. With its low attachment point and integral chest harness, it will be of interest to all types of cavers.

This efficient harness was put to the test by Italian cavers, in the longest pitch in the world, Vertiglavica in Slovenia (-603m).

The Krubera is completely adjustable and offers optimal back support in each adjusted position. It is manufactured in a specially-design webbing which is both light and very robust to deal with the demands of caving.


CE, EN 12277+A1 :2018 Type C

Note about this equipment:

For easier PPE monitoring, each personal protective equipment has an individual number on the year of manfacture label.

Sizes available for this complete harness:

Single size

One size : waist from 50 cm to 120 cm and thighs from 45 to 80 cm maxi (black belay loop)

Weight of this complete harness:

750 g

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