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Description of this sit-harness:

Sit-harness for caving. Totally adjustable, at waist band and thighs, by steel ladder lock buckles. Two lower sheathed tie-in point for a good performance climbing up the rope. 

Comfortable sit harness for caving with a good distribution of the weight (suspension is ensured by 44 mm waist, lower back, and thigh webbing.)

Special 44mm webbing with very high abrasion resistance and special weaving.

One colour per size. Two gear loops.

This caving sit-harness is perfectly suitable for collective use as easy to adjust.

Aventure Verticale guarantee: 3 years.


CE, EN 12277 Type C

Note about this equipment:

For easier PPE monitoring, each personal protective equipment has an individual number on the year of manfacture label.

Sizes available for this sit-harness:

  • 01 XS-M: waist from 55 cm to 75 cm and thigh loop from 35 cm to 60 cm (yellow tie-in sheathing)
  • 02 M-L: waist from 55 cm to 105 cm and thigh loop from 40 cm to 70 cm (blue tie-in sheathing)
  • 03 X: waist from 55 cm to 125 cm and thigh loop from 50 cm to 85 cm (mauve tie-in sheathing)

Weight of this sit-harness:

580 g (in M-L size)


  • Red & Yellow
  • Red & Blue
  • Red & Mauve

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