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Waist bag Caving » KitBag for the waist
Waist bag Caving » KitBag for the waist

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Description of this waist bag:

Waist bag for caving, in PVC 1100 dTex 700 g/m² canvas with wear resistant varnish.

A nylon "Dee ring" for attachment to the belt.

Bag extension skirt in polyamide coated flexible fabric, closed by a drawstring and tightener. Closure by string and eyelets.

Height: 30 cm (45 cm with the skirt). This small caving bag has a capacity of 5 litres (7 litres with the skirt).

For carrying small personal effects.

High resistant canvas. Automatic strong stitches (like the harnesses).

Technical specifications:

  • Height: 45 cm
  • Capacity: 7 L
  • Oval bottom: 11 x 15 cm

Weight of this waist bag:

200 g


  • Red

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