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Description of this sit-harness:

Climbing sit-harness totally adjustable by light alloy quick release buckles for easier collective use.

Based on the AVES05Fast model with a foamed waist for better comfort and a sliding belt padding for optimal adjustment.

Upper sheathed tie-in point. Waist band and thigh loop in 44 mm webbing for a better distribution of the user's weight. A sheathed gear loop attached to the padded belt.

The minimum adjustment of thigh loops and waist band is the same for all sizes. The different sizes allow for the simple adjustment of the harness to the size of the user (for surplus webbing avoidance).

Ideal for use in groups (size colour code, one colour for each thigh for quicker adjustment).

Aventure Verticale guarantee: 3 years.


CE, EN 12277 Type C

Note about this equipment:

For easier PPE monitoring, each personal protective equipment has an individual number on the year of manfacture label.

Sizes available for this sit-harness:

  • 01 XS-M: waist from 53 cm to 75 cm and thighs from 25 to 55 cm maxi (yellow belay loop)
  • 02 M-L: waist from 63 cm to 100 cm and thighs from 30 to 70 cm maxi (blue belay loop)
  • 03 XL: waist from 73 cm to 125 cm and thighs from 35 to 85 cm maxi (mauve belay loop)

Weight of this sit-harness:

415 g (in M-L size)


  • Black
  • Blue, Red & Black

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