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Is Aventure Verticale an equipment manufacturer ?

Yes ! Aventure Verticale is not a retailer or an importator but a French manufacturer of outdoor and professional equipment, located in the Choletaise region !

More details about the company Aventure Verticale are available on the page Präsentation von Aventure Verticale, all information about us are accessible on the page Unsere Kontaktdaten.

Where can I find Aventure Verticale products ?

You will find Aventure Verticale products in specialized shops. In order to emphasize the shops, which have AV equipment available, we list them for you product by product.

To find a shop near from you, you only have to click on links of this kind:

Trouver un magasin  Finden Sie einen Händler

Retailers list are present on each product sheet (like for example the suit AVSP72 Arphidia) to buy it easily.

If you do not find a shop near from you for a reference, we invite you to make contact with Aventure Verticale or ask to your usual shop to make it.

Can I order products directly by Aventure Verticale ?

Aventure Verticale does not propose direct sales to the public, you have to pass by one of our retailer, whom the list is accessible for each product on the website.

If your favorite shop does not have one of our articles, we invite you to make contact with Aventure Verticale or ask to your shop to make it.

Does it exist an Aventure Verticale online sales site ?

No, is not an online sales site, and Aventure Verticale does not sell directly its equipments online. However, you have the possibility to order on the online sales site of some of our retailers. The list of our retailers in the world is accessible for each product on its detailed sheet.

Some retailers tell us the exact address of Aventure Verticale products on their online sales site, they are in this case directly accessible since our website by clicking on the logo of the retailer on the sheet of a product. You can see an exemple on the fact sheet of harness Peïra Parc.

Can I download the technical notice of a product in PDF format ?

Technical notices of our products are supplyed in their original packages for the PPE. If you want to download a notice in PDF, it is available on at the describing page of this product, in the list of Downloads.

It is also possible to find the full use instructions in PDF on the page Technical notices.

What can I do if I have an Aventure Verticale defective product ?

Contact the shop, in which you bought the product. It will contact Aventure Verticale to make the necessary measure.

How can I find spare parts for my Aventure Verticale product ?

Some of our equipments have removable pieces that you can be led to change (for example, a PVC protective seat integrated to a sit-harness or a thigh elastic). These spare parts are listed among our accessories on the following page: accessories, protections and spare parts.

If you have any further questions or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.