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AVCA24R Water grille 22L +flap Canyoning » Canyon pack

Bags for canyoning in varnished 1100 dTex PVC canvas 900g/m².

AVCA46S Spankprotect Strong Canyoning » Protection

Pants’ shaped canyoning protection in stitched and heat sealed PVC 900g/m². One color by size

AVSP39 Cavaquatic 25 L Caving » Carrying bag for small equipment

One of the last products by AV: The Cavaquatic, designed for aquatic-caving and canyoning.

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Discover our range of canyoning equipment

Discover a full range of canyoning products: harnesses, belts, bags (Water Bag, Water Grille. . . ), protections, under-suits and other canyoning accessories.   Choose your sit-harness with a canyoning protective seat or a simple thigh protection. Protect your equipment with our... Read more