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AVCA35 Fornocal Canyoning » Trousers

Polyamide coated canyoning trousers for protection of the neoprene canyoning suit.

AVSP53 Hölloch Comfort Man Caving » Suit

Caving suit, flexible and resistant, in high resistant polyurethane coated polyamide. Knees and buttocks reinforcements.

AVSP58B Blautopf Caving » Suit

High resistance polyamide caving suits, flexible and resistant, with buttocks, knees and elbows reinforcements.

AVSP59 Spelmix Caving » Suit

Caving suit with 2 fabrics : Cordura and Polyamide.

AVSP63 Hölloch Comfort Lady Caving » Suit

Caving suit for ladies, flexible and resistant, in high resistant polyamide.