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Protection Caving » Spankprotect
Protection Caving » Spankprotect

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Description of this protection:

Pants’ shape canyoning protection in stitched and heat sealed PVC 1100 dTex 700 g/m².

Suitable for canyoning sit harnesses AVCA01 Mascun for transformation into AVCA01C Mascun Comfort and AVCA03 Peïra for transformation into AVCA03C Peïra Comfort, but also any sit harness made from a 44 mm webbing mainly closed using ladder lock buckles.

High resistant canvas. Automatic strong stitches (like the harnesses).

Sizes available for this protection:

  • 01 XS-M
  • 02 M-L
  • 03 XL

Weight of this protection:

170 g (in M-L size)


  • Blue

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